Welcome to Our Hair 2 Go Blog Site

Hi, and welcome to the Hair 2 Go blog website! We created this page after many friends, family and clients started asking about the motivation, goals and business models we had with the company. Rather than having the same conversation numerous times over, we decided to create this blog website with everything there is to know about the business. We hope that in creating this site, that we are able to help other small business owners start, grow and expand their own business.

Firstly, we want to talk about our business motto:

Hair to Go is the place to visit for men, women and children of all ages who are looking to update, improve and/or maintain their own personal style in a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

While many hair salons focus their hairdressing services around creating a completely new look or style for their clients, we believe that this isn’t the case with each and every client. While there are plenty of people out there who want to follow the latest hairdressing trends and styles, there are just as many people out there who just want to maintain and make adjustments to their existing style. We believe it’s important to work with the personality and lifestyle of each and every single client, and not to try and change them to meet the criteria of the latest hair trends out there.

Hair 2 Go Blog

When we first took over the salon back in 2010, we knew immediately that the salon atmosphere did not reflect our business models and goals. The environment was very ‘up market’ and (our opinion) a little over the top. While it looked great, and obviously worked for the previous salon team, it simply was not working for us.

The renovation that took place that year was one of the biggest projects our team has ever handled! From theĀ room extension of the office to the choosing of appropriate salon furniture and equipment to choosing the right wallpaper and colour schemes – the job was not a small one (in fact, we had to hire a local rubbish removal company to deal with the extensive waste build up that resulted in the makeover of the salon).

Hair 2 Go Blog Site

Once the entire salon had been renovated to meetĀ all of our needs and expectations, we were then ready to work on building out client database. While we had many past clients that wanted to continue using our hairdressing team for their hair cuts, colours and more, we were aware that our recent move to the new salon meant that we were no longer within comfortable traveling distance for some of them.

Building our client database was done through extensive research into different marketing techniques. Our entire team spend many hours online finding the best methods and tactics to marketing our business to the new region we were now in.

Rather than waste our marketing budget showcasing our salon to every man and his dog, we worked on marketing tactics that would specifically target those who we believed had a general interest in finding a loyal and professional hair salon. Check out the Marketing and Clients page for more information on how we did this.