Building Our Client Database

Hair Salon ClientsOnce we had our marketing strategy in place – in the form of Google Adwords and Facebook advertising – we noticed the phone beginning to ring more and our diaries being filled up with appointments fairly quickly. From there, we wanted to expand our business even further with help from our existing clients.

Our clients are very important to us, and we always reach out to them for their own opinions and recommendations on what would work for our business to improve it even further. So, we started asking our clients for their suggestions as to what would most likely make them return to the salon and also recommend the salon to their friends, family and colleagues. Here are some of the responses we got from them:

What would make me most likely recommend a salon to a friend is the benefits it could provide me. I recently went to a beauty salon that offered a 20% discount for both me and the friend I recommended them to if they booked in for a treatment! – CINDY

For me, it’s 100% the service I receive that would make me recommend a place to someone. If they provide a great service by a friendly and professional team, that’s all it takes to get me talking about the place to my friends and family! – CHLOE

I ALWAYS return to places that have loyalty cards – for me, I like it when a business appreciates my on-going support and loyalty to them, and actually rewards me for it! Just like a coffee card – buy 6 and get the 7th coffee free! – OLIVIA

Believe it or not, this is EXACTLY what makes me want to recommend your place to a friend or colleague! When any places asks for my opinion and suggestions on what improvements would make the place better, I automatically feel gratitude that they care about my thoughts on the place and are open to further improving it. – REBECCA

By putting their suggestions in place, we almost DOUBLED our client base! This goes to show how important it is to seek the opinion of your existing clients.