Marketing Tactics for the Salon

Hair Salon MarketingWhen it came to marketing tactics for showcasing our salon to the local Melbourne area, it’s safe to say that we spent many, MANY long hours working on this. Each of our hairdressing team members had previously worked for at least 2 other salons, so we started with a small amount of knowledge as to what worked and what didn’t work for effectively marketing a hairdressing salon business.

Starting the marketing strategy for our hairdressing salon started with sitting down with every single member of the team – including admin, reception and accounts – and discussing any existing ideas we already had (both for what worked and what didn’t work). The first thing that was mentioned in the ‘not working’ category was broad marketing. Broad marketing was referring to marketing techniques that put our business in front of every man and his dog (i.e. through radio and newspaper advertising). While this form of marketing may have got us a few clients, it wasn’t cost effective, as it was investing a lot of money in hoping that the people who read or heard the ads were actually looking for a hair salon.

Instead, we decided to focus the majority of our marketing strategy around showcasing our business to a specific target market. We started to look into forms of advertising where we could choose our demographic (i.e. age, gender, likes, location etc). By doing this, we were weeding out unnecessary advertising (i.e. why would we put a radio advertisement out there that targeted everyone in the greater Melbourne region, when we only had one location).

After making this decision, we focused our marketing budget on both Adwords and Facebook advertising. While this would cost us per click, it meant that we were targeting those who had a general interest in hair and/or were specifically looking for a salon in their local area.