Renovating the Hair Salon

Hair Salon RenovationRenovating the hair salon was a crucial part in establishing and growing our business. We felt it was hugely important to have the environment of the salon reflect our business goals, motives and general “feel”. When we first relocated to the new salon, it far from represented our business – so our first step was to completely renovate it.

The renovation was split into a few different areas, and we allocated each of our team members to certain parts of the process, as we wanted everyone to have a say in how the salon ended up looking.

One thing that was hugely important to everyone in the team was being environmentally friendly and responsible throughout the process. With lots of building and other waste generated from the room extension, we wanted to make sure that anything that could be recycled, was recycled, and the rest was carefully disposed of through a local rubbish removal service.

Theme and colours – we all decided that sticking to a neutral colour scheme for the salon was the way to go, so that in years to come, nothing would go out of style. So we chose a black and white colour scheme, with different pops of colour through artwork, furniture and other features.

Room extension – straight away we knew that an extension was required in the salon. With a team of 8, the staff room was simply too small to accommodate for all of the hairdressing team. We contacted a local building company who was personally recommended to us to carry out the extension project.

Furniture and supplies – we wanted to get all of our hairdressing furniture and supplies from the same company, to not only make things easier but to keep consistency throughout all of the features in the salon. Luckily, we already had the contact details of the suppliers who fitted out our previous salon, so we didn’t have to look far for that!